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Yuthok Nyingthig Long Life Empowerment and ‘La’ Hooking with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Yuthok Nyingthig Long Life Empowerment and ‘La’ Hooking with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Tuesday, October 16: 10am-6pm, with lunch break

$150 (reduced fees available for low-income + special needs)

La (Tib: བླ) is our subtle life force, the pure energy of the five elements that circulates within the body according to the lunar cycle. The la energyclosely connected with our consciousness protects and nourishes both the physical body and the mind.  La can be compromised due to chronic illness, stress, physical or emotional trauma, or aggressive medical treatments. Traditionally it is said that our la energy can also be 'stolen' by negative influences from the outside. Signs of loss of la energy include lack of strength and stability in the physical body, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, and a mind that is full of confusion and doubts. 

In this one day rare teaching Dr Nida will explain la energy from both a medical and spiritual perspective. He will then confer the long life empowerment from the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition and 'hook' back the lost la from the ten directions and return it to one's own body in order to restore physical health and vitality, happiness and clarity. 

This is an excellent course for Vajrayana Buddhist practitioners of any lineage, or for anyone simply seeking greater health of body, energy, and mind. It is also a highly practical teaching for healthcare practitioners who are seeking a deeper understanding of the subtle causes of imbalance in their patients.

For more information, contact Sarah Falkner: - 347.436.6725

Registration is through Sorig Khang New York, and event held at Tibet House US. 

Tibet House US
22 West 15th Street
(between 5th & 6th Avenues)
New York, New York 10011
An important institution we are grateful to be able to present in, Tibet House is also wheelchair accessible and near to many public transportation options--learn more here:

There are no pre-requisites to attend this course and receive the empowerment! However in order to perform this la hooking practice on behalf of others, it is required to complete one seven day Yuthok Nyingthig ngöndro preliminary practice retreat and one seven day Guru Yoga retreat either alone or in a group. Group retreats are offered regularly at our West Coast Sorig center, Pure Land Farms, please visit for information.  A retreat may also be completed alone, please inquire about receiving instructions and advice from a qualified Sorig Khang retreat leader.